ISO 3834.2-Quality Requirements for Fusion Welding of Metallic Materials.

NT Welding was already running a high quality system, so we thought that the next natural step is to prove it. We are happy to say that we have achieved accreditation to this standard and have a system that we think works well for everybody from customer to our management to our staff.
NT Welding’s workshop is one of 15 Australia wide that complies with this standard to ensure that you get the best possible welded product.
ISO3834.2 has many requirements which all have to do with quality fusion welding ranging from planning to finished product packing which all get audited annually.
It is also a requirement of ISO3834.2 to have a Responsible Welding Coordinator with International Welding Specialist training from the International Institute of Welding, or other equivelent, so that the person supervising the welding has a good understanding of the metallurgical concepts involved-you don’t want a ‘cowboy’ to destroy you’re job through poor technical knowledge!

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ISO 9001-Quality Management System

This accreditation streamlines our quality system to ensure repeatability and reliability of a given product time and again. Through the use of our quality manual which clearly states the roles and responsibilities of all staff, we are able to maintain a high level of quality in day-to-day dealings and also to ensure a fairly seamless transition in the case of staff movements.

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AS/NZS 4801:2001 and ISO 18001:2007-Occupational Health and Safety Management System

Safety is a major part of life and that does not change in our work sites. NT Welding is committed to safety both in the workshop and on site and are always activly looking to reduce hazards in the work place.
At NT Welding, we believe that spending money on a safe work place is not an expense, but an investment. After all, who will do the work if our staff are injured?
We believe the safety systems we put in place are of a high standard and benefit everybody involved, including the families of the staff at home.

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Civil Aviation Safety Authority- (CASA)

NT Welding currently has the only CASA approved aircraft welder in the Top End of Australia. This means we are the only ones legally able to perform welding repairs on aviation components. NT Welding can keep the Top End in the air!